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Charles Poliquin left a legacy in the strength world. My mission is to carry it on. My methods of strength training are based on two concepts held by Charles:

1)  You’re only as strong as your weakest link

2)  You’re only strong in the range you train in

The most vulnerable position for the body to be in is one it’s not strong in. My strength training techniques not only increase structure throughout the body, but it promotes it in a precise, strategic, progressive, and balanced way. Not only does this leave you feeling and looking strong, it benefits the functional integrity and overall health of your entire body. Increasing structural balance will help in daily life, destroy chronic pain, and even increase performance at the highest level of athleticism.

Leading by example is the most important aspect of my training. I push my own body to the limits in order to achieve a level that sets the standard for my clients. Many claim to have the secret key, but I am here to assure you, and visually prove that given the right tools, hard work and consistency, will yield authentic, real life results.


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